Making Taos a Recovery-Friendly Community

We’re fortunate to live in Taos County, a beautiful place and a wonderful community. Still, like all communities, we have our challenges- and one of them is substance abuse. That’s why we held a daylong community summit: “Promoting a Recovery-Friendly Community”, at Kachina Lodge and Meetings Center on Wednesday October 24, 2012.

We talked about what our community can do to meet the challenge of substance abuse.  We talked about the stigma that prevents people from getting help, and how we can make our resources more accessible to families and individuals who need them. We brought together more than three hundred people, to share and network and inspire one another.  And it was a success!

Now the hard work begins. We’ve published the report from the summit. If you’re interested in being a part of building a recovery-friendly Taos County, we need you!

Here are three things you can do:

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